Do you ever ask, why is my business empty?

While this restaurant is beautifully decorated, it's missing one critical element. What is it missing? It's missing one of the most important elements which is customers. In business, we need customers to enhance our business. Lack of customers will cause your establishment to close eventually.

What if you entered a business and this was the sign that greeted your arrival?

Well this certainly explains the lack of customers, right?

While we are operating in a different time with unusual circumstances, one thing remains the same. It's called customer service. I walked into an establishment and it was just me and that sign, not an employee or customer in sight.

I'm sure this sign was placed for informational purposes, however let's be careful how we convey the message. Maybe if this sign started with, Let's stop the spread, please remain six feet from the counters. A warm employee greeting would have gone a long way as well. Once you have left a less than desirable first impression, the remainder of the customer experience is hard to salvage.

If you would like to place a sign on your front counter, let's try something like this.

We love to share our old fashion proven methods mixed with an updated twist.

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