• Cynthia Cowart

Credit Repair....Top 5 reasons to take action now


Low credit scores typically mean higher interest rates, and that means higher finance charges on your credit card balances. Repairing your credit would allow you to get a more competitive interest rate and cut back on the money you pay in interest.

Utility service providers and even phone companies check your credit before allowing you to establish service. To offset the risk of a default, those service providers charge you a deposit. Making your payments on time will allow you to get your deposit back. Improving your credit score keeps you from having to pay the deposit altogether.

If you have bad credit, you'll have a hard time getting a credit card, which means you'll end up paying cash for everything. It may not be a nuisance until you need to do something like renting a car, where you have to pay an extra deposit if you don't use a credit card.

Employers check credit before deciding to hire you. Some government, financial, management, and executive jobs are particularly curious about your financial history. A bad credit history could cost you the job, or the promotion you've been working hard to get.

Many lenders use your credit score to determine if they'll approve you for a loan or not. Good credit typically means more doors are open to you. This proves so helpful when starting a business.

Credit repair services check your reports for information that shouldn't be there and dispute it on your behalf. Many of them also check to be sure the information does not reappear. Sometimes information that's accurate but cannot be substantiated also has to be removed, although it may be reinstated if it's verified later.

We can help! Please visit our link below so we can begin the repair process.

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