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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

There are a variety of customers available on a daily basis.  A good portion of business is knowing your customer base.  Do you know your target market?  If you know your target market, how do you reach them?  If you are the business owner or manager you may be overwhelmed with responsibility.  We will help you identify three types of customers in this current pandemic setting.

The first customer is the one that has been sheltering in place.  They are eager to return to life as usual.  They anxiously await the reopening of shopping malls.  They want to go dine at restaurants.  They love to socialize.  They are the first to travel via airplane.  They will reserve a room at a hotel for that getaway.  They are watching to see when their favorite spa is available to book an appointment.  You may not be ready for them but they are certainly ready for you.

The second customer is the one that misses the regular routine.  They are adapting to the live-in lifestyle.  They do not mind going out of the home for necessities.  They will place an order for an item but would much rather have the item delivered to them curbside.  If they must go into a store, they go for that item only.  They may want their favorite restaurant food but they would like it packaged in to go containers.  They socialize with people via Zoom or telephone.  They may travel to a destination by vehicle.  They may stay with a family member or friend during their road trip.  The thought of visiting a spa hasn’t quite peaked their interest.  They are in a 50/50 zone and you as the business owner will need to persuade them to return.

The third customer is the one that has not only adapted to the live-in lifestyle but has embraced it.  They order items to be delivered via Amazon, UPS and FedEx.  They order foods from their favorite places and have them delivered by DoorDash or Postmates.  They may socialize by text message and telephone calls.  Rather than travel, they will Netflix and chill.  As a business owner, this will be your most difficult challenge to have this customer return.

While each customer presents a different scenario, each customer is attainable.  You just need the tools to make this happen.  Business is not meant to be easy; you just need the resources that can help.


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